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hana desuuu :D

i'm a shy person actually, but i can be crazy too if you got me :D
i'm from indonesia
this is my first entry for lj because of Arashi

i hope that i can start my imagination here... specially about ARASHI
Nino is my first love to Arashi *Thanks to him*


then... maybe i will use my mother language
because i'm not sure with my english
sorry... my english is not good and bad grammar
but i'll try
Gambarimassu!! ^0^
Good Night
Oyasumi minna!!

i add fandom and its V6!
already into V6 fandom since in the middle 2015 i'm too lazy for update my intro
why V6? blame it to Okada bear XP i watched him on "Security Police" and fall for him, then i searching him on V6 bangumi and concert and finally i drawn into V6! Inocchi-Ken baka kyoudai pairing always make me laugh XD
because of V6 i have to buy another external harddisk for them!
i love Gakkou e Ikkou but its hard to find with engsub, V6 Hospital bangumi is super funny even without sub i lol-ing so much!
hope they have new bangumi with six of them on screen (i cant count amezipang)
i have their concert since 2005 until 2013 and my fav are SHB con on 2011 (i love the 360' stage concept and the setlist is great!) and OMG! Con on 2013 (The main stage by Sakamoto papa!)

okay here's my bias

Okada-san, thank you for drawning me in to V6 fandom XD

-Update Sept 2016-
Adding fandom
Guess what!?
KANJANI8!!! 😘😘
My Ichiban is the super random MARU-CHAN XD
Maru-chan drag me to eito fandom, i watch nube, fall for him and make me searching for eito bangumi, concert, drama etc. And now i fall for all of eito members 💗💗💗
Subaru's voice are LOVE
Ryo's creepy smile XP
Yasu's guitar are Rock!! but w/o guitar his soooo cuuuuteeee
Yoko wa urusai in positive way, i like it XD
Hina MC and his tsukkomi are great!
Ohkura's drums are sooo cool and his voice also love but he have feminin aura for me w/o his drums/taiko
My Ichiban Maru are soooo randommm and absurd, i can feel he's doing his best for him to be shining between other eito member with his own way, i can feel his hardwork, I Can See You Maru! I can see your shining!

Note: sorry for my poor english, english is not my first language :)
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well... i'm late again becoz i'm so lazy

H! B! D! for our King Matsujun

Wish u all the best and get married with inoue mao already!!

He's now promoting for Narratage, i'm not really excited for romance film.. sorry Jun..
but hope it will success and get box office :)

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Super late birthday posting for my bias Ninomiya Kazunari 😘😘 on July 17th *sorry dear, i'm too lazy for posting, sumimasen*


Happy Ied Mubarak 1438H
semoga amal ibadah kita selama di bulan ramadhan diterima Allah SWT. Aamiin
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I'm Hana moving from livejournal to dreamwidth with the same name
still import my journal entries, thats why my dw still empty couple of entry from lj start coming here yeayy!!
it will take time....

i hope this is good decision to moving here.

and english is not my mother language so i'm sorry for any mistake ^^

first stuff

Feb. 8th, 2014 11:47 pm
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loooongggg time for posting againnn ^^, sorry... *bow

well, just want to update my lj, just sharing my very very very first stuff of Arashi <3

the 1st one is Arafes cushion
2nd is Love Album
3rd is Love Tour Pouch

hope for more stuff :D *peekingmypocket *cries


good night ^^

sorry for my poor english
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Love is in the air~

congrats to Arashi for their 12th album X)) *hosoi

i hope... with "this" i can really support them
this is my first time... and i hope this is not the last time *pray

sorry for my poor english :P

Arashi - Love

can't wait for my copy ^^
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this is my 2nd entry..

maybe just because of arashi i still in front of my laptop, in front of my lj too...
i cant do this in weekdays, because of work...

i am being too adiccted to them, i can hold myself to get an old or new vid of arashi.. so i try to join community who love arashi n share their shine to fans overseas like me, i hope i can join their community feel that love ^^




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